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Unanswered Client Questions

  • What do you need to do to file your own patent application without an attorney?

  • how much does a trademark cost

  • How do I know if I am a trader according to the EU for Apple App Store purpose?

  • If a renter in WA state does not pay rent, what are the legal rights of landlord around eviction and how can the landlord best protect themselves from such situations?

  • Is helping users create contracts by providing an Artificial Intelligence agent that writes a first draft the unauthorized practice of law?

  • What's the best way of structuring home ownership wrt trusts?

  • How much does a patent cost.

  • What are the legal ramifications of sharing a streaming/media accounts or mobile phone with your older children at college or on their own or your elderly parents who you don't live with but you want to help them?

  • Can a grantor trust be converted to an exempt trust

  • I rent a single family home in California. What new information do I need to include in my lease. Prior lease was created in 2021.

  • How can I set up a living trust and have it buy properties that my kids can then manage as part of the trust ?

  • I’ve been asked to sign a patent application by my former employer because I’m listed as an inventor. Are there any downsides in signing this?

  • I am getting married, and have no reason to think I will need a prenup. Is it worth it in terms of time, cost, and emotional complexity.

  • If I was paid severance, am I eligible for unemployment in Washington State.

  • How can I protect myself from other startups taking my AI product ideas? Are such ideas defensible if there's any past precedent across the entire ecosystem? It sometimes feels like everything has been done *somewhere* on the internet if you look hard enough. Would that invalidate a patent application?

  • Building an AI chatbot for therapy - how do I ensure I have as little liability as possible?

  • I live in California but may move to another state for taxes. I'm starting a new small business where I will be the sole-owner. I want to minimize my taxes and legal liability and have the flexibility to move to a cheaper state without a lot of headache. Where should I incorporate and what type of business should I use

  • What's the cheapest, most efficient way to file a patent?

  • Green card expires in October 2025 I applied for citizenship 02/24. Do I need to request a green card extension?

  • I'm a dual citizen with two passports, Italian and American. My current residency is in the US. If I were to move back to Italy, I know that IRS requires me to continue paying taxes in the US. But would I still be able to get the benefits of the law “Rientro dei Cervelli”, in what measure?

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